Family Therapy Vacations
Intensive Therapy Retreats for Couples & Families

Coastal Maine & Nicaragua

Couples  Therapy

Program offered in both Nicaragua and Maine


Our approach to couples therapy focuses on strengthening emotional connections and is informed by attachment focused models such as Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Attachment Focused Family Therapy and Integrative Couples Therapy.  This focus helps avoid the often negative and self-fulfilling impact of “problem focused therapies".  Relational problems are approached in a manner that supports a fundamental sense of  connection and hopefulness.  Through the use of careful listening, coaching in relationship enhancement skills, shared activities and humor, couples rediscover a sense of friendship and partnership essential to a happy relationship.

Issues such as addiction, anger management, sexual compatibility, money management, lack of communication, parenting, values diversity and in-law relationships are typical concerns for couples coming into the retreat.  Away from the culture in which these difficulties have evolved, couples often find previously inaccessible opportunities for new beginnings.

This model is an excellent avenue for couples with a treatment resistant partner or unsuccessful earlier attempts at therapy.  The opportunity to combine the fun of a great vacation with the somewhat anxiety provoking process of directing attention towards one’s struggling relationship is for many the balance that allows them to move forward.

An area of specialization for FTV is support to couples dealing with loss and/or parenting of a child with special needs.

Our clinical team is open to collaboration with community based therapists with whom couples or individuals are currently working. For those involved in therapy, if requested, Dr. Stewart will contact and collaborate with their therapist both before and after the couples retreat.

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