Family Therapy Vacations
Intensive Therapy Retreats for Couples & Families

Coastal Maine & Nicaragua

Family Therapy Retreats

In the summer months we strongly recommend our Maine Sailing Option

The approach to family therapy utilized in our program is informed by both Attachment Focused Family Therapy and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. These models center clinical intervention on the strengthening of emotional connection and avoid many of the pitfalls of  “problem focused therapies".  Relational problems are not avoided in this model, but are approached in a manner that supports a fundamental sense of hopefulness and mutual appreciation.  Through the use of careful empathic listening, playfulness, relationship coaching, shared activities and humor families rediscover the joys of being connected.

This treatment model is an excellent avenue for families with treatment resistant members, or unsuccessful earlier attempts at therapy.  The opportunity to combine a great vacation with focused and undistracted work on struggling relationships is the balance that allows many to move forward to a new beginning.  

Dr. Stewart has extensive background and experience in working with a wide range of complicated parenting issues, as well as children with diverse special needs. This work supports the process of helping parents come together in their parenting and provide wise, compassionate and connected expectations, structure and limits. In this work the importance of preserving connected relationships even when dealing with difficult parenting issues is a central focus.

Our clinician team is open to collaboration with community based therapists with whom families, couples and individuals are currently working. For those involved in therapy within their community, if requested, Dr. Stewart will contact and collaborate with their current therapist both before and after treatment.


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